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The Affordable Care Act has forced businesses over 15 employees to provide health insurance to all of their full time workers. The debate over this piece of legislation rages on, but most small business owners are scrambling to find a way to reduce its costs. Larger business owners are either seeking a waver or converting as many employees to part time as possible. Florida may be a unique state, but it is still under the control of the federal government in Washington, D.C. As such, it must obey these laws, whether or not they make any sense. Not just health insurance, but all aspects of insurance can be highly important including home insurance and traders insurance 

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Struggling to Obey the Law

Most business owners would rather focus on their core business. Sate, Local and even the federal government all impose additional costs on the businesses, which in turn get passed onto the customers. Someone who wants to follow the law and provide health coverage for its employees needs to find an affordable company that will not cut too deeply into the business's profit.

Fortunately, many of the new plans focus on an idea that started in the 19th century. Co-ops allow people to purchase in bulk and get the rates that the larger companies receive. Unfortunately, the businesses cannot participate in the exchanges that were supposed to have been set up by now. So far, only a few people have managed to get the policies, but that is a different issue.

What About accident claims?

accident at work claims are usually covered by worker's compensation insurance. Even if someone has managed to forego other types of health insurance coverage, they must carry this type of policy. However, this type of coverage is limited in scope. It only covers injuries that took place at work, typically while the employee was performing his or her assigned duties. The plans do not cover illness or pre-existing conditions. They only cover accidental injury while on the job, and this keeps the premiums lower than they might be otherwise.

A small business owner needs to keep these costs as low as possible. He may be required by law to take on such a policy, but he does not want to pay too much for it. While the premiums are determined by the type of business which buys the policy, there are things that can bring the rates down. Making sure people understand the proper safety procedures is one great way to keep the premiums from rising.

Florida is no different from other states in this regard, although it may be somewhat harder to find younger workers. At least one popular sitcom referred to the state as God's waiting room. This joke, delivered in what might be considered to be bad taste, refers to the state's high elderly population. However, there are still plenty of people who need employment in the state that crosses two time zones. Tallahassee, Orlando, Sanford, Miami and many small towns in between can all provide a viable labor pool to help a small business owner operate effficiently